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About Street Legal Motorcycle Club®

Street Legal Motorcycle Club® started in Minnesota in 1992 for motorcyclist working in the legal system. Members include lawyers, judges, law school deans, law students, paralegals, legal secretaries, private investigators, court reporters and the like. We range from solo practitioners to large firm partners, corporate and government, lawyers. Many of our members regularly appear in “Best of” lawyer rankings and many of our members are frequent CLE instructors.

We are a national club with chapters and members across the country. Our common passion for motorcycling provides a unique bond within the legal community. We ride virtually every make and model of bike, although a majority rides Harleys.

In addition to our primary purpose of enjoying the pure fun and freedom of riding, we engage in other related pursuits as well. The club and its members raise money for charities, including Legal Aid, Lawyers for Literacy, Multiple Sclerosis, Muscular Dystrophy, autism, Alzheimer’s and various veterans' events and memorials.

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Street Legal members are active in many motorcycle rights organizations, including ABATE and NCOM. In Minnesota, our leadership was instrumental in passaging the first statute in the United States to make it illegal to deny access to any public accommodation to an individual because they are riding a motorcycle or wearing a patch on their back. We are also involved in combating law enforcement motorcycle profiling.

We are a three patch neutral, non-territorial club. Our center patch is as pictured on this page. The top rocker for all members is "STREET LEGAL" and the bottom rocker is "USA." We are on good terms with all motorcycle clubs and organizations. We are not one-percenters, but we have friends who are.

We entertain applications from lawyers around the world interested in starting Street Legal chapters in their states, provinces or countries. If you are interested in becoming a ROAD SCHOLAR®, starting a chapter, or just learning more about us, please e-mail us.

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